Research focusing on the development of an image analysis model for artificial intelligence software.
Open forms
Art direction for the 2018 season of Urbino Jazz Club, including audio reactive projections and prints.
Daily commute
Research focusing on the change of contemporary work-related infrastructures.
Photographic research on social and institutional practices of knowledge organization in museums.
Rêverie vol. I
Participatory magazine that aims to make people think about death in a new and unconventional way.
The science of pastry
Scientific book on pastry illustrated through a combinatorics of visual elements.
Design Heuristics
Workshop focusing on the development of unconventional design methodologies.
Collezione 200
Exhibition/itinerary made for the bicentennial of the independence of Fermignano, a small city in Italy.
Grand tour
Research on the condition of more than four hundred state properties spread across the country.
Exhibition of thirteen photographic books made together with thirteen emerging photographers.
Laissez moi cultiver mon jardin
Monograph that analyzes the work of Franco Maria Ricci as a designer, collector and publisher.
Mutated lands
History of Mutoid Waste Company, an artists' group known for art pieces made with industrial waste.
The new graphic languages
Analysis of contemporary graphic design and the tools that characterize it.
Report of the first year of the digital relationship (with Whatsapp) between two people.
interstellar atlas
Illustrated sci-fi book about a scientist and his first hundred and forty discovered planets.
movable type
ABC book made of EM squares with which you can compose the alphabet and many other things.
Flipbook that dynamically illustrates the changing of the seasons through a generative animation.