Grand Tour
Research on the condition of more than four hundred state properties spread across the country.
The Grand Tour was a journey through Europe by the young men of the European aristocracy from the seventeenth century and destined to perfect their knowledge. It could last a few months to several years, and usually had Italy as its destination. After several centuries the Italian landscape has changed a lot, and often the culture of beauty has become a culture of neglect. In the hope that one day they may return to their former glory, the book collects more than four hundred abandoned buildings that also speak about the history of the nation: monasteries, hospitals, prisons, military shelters, transport infrastructure and factories.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Format: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 700
Paper: Fedrigoni X-Per 100 gr/mq

ISIA Urbino, 2018
MA in Communication and Design for Publishing
Supervised by Jonathan Pierini
w/ G. Bacchetta Francalanci, L. Boero, D. Parapatt